We’ve planted a huge field at Yeehaw Farm with potatoes, peas, carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, and arugula.  Nothing’s come up there yet, but here’s some pics from Stoney Creek, where we were able to get an earlier start.

The La Ratte potatoes that were pictured earlier, the day they were planted, are sprouting and looking wonderful.  The New York Times food critic once called La Rattes “elite potatoes”.

We’re harvesting peas from the greenhouse – these are snow peas.  They are about six hours away from being the perfect size!

There’s also a nice batch of regular shell peas that are just starting to bloom right now.  The success of the winter greenhouse is giving us a good feeling about trying a winter share for Cool Beans members, but it’s a little early to make any definite plans.

Beet greens are wonderful when very lightly steamed, but I’m going to wait until the beets themselves size up just a little more before harvesting these.  I love the colors in beet greens.

These flats are on a table by the driveway – Judi will pick them up tonight and take them over to Yeehaw Farm, where there’s enough room for them.  You’re looking at broccoli, cauliflower, mini-cabbages, tatsoi, onions, parsley, and red lettuce.

And here’s the next generation in the Stoney Creek greenhouse.  They’ll be ready to plant in about two weeks.  Another batch was seeded yesterday; I”m starting about 16 flats every two weeks.  We’ll have seedlings to sell at the market in addition to what we plant for the CSA.

I hope to get some pictures from Judi’s farm on the site in a few days – they have new lambs and more baby goats!

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