I will email all of you to be sure you receive this info, but won’t have a chance to do so until later this evening – this Sunday, the 25th, 1-4 at Katie’s, the ‘little farm’ in the Cool Beans operation.  Come have a glass of wine or iced tea, check out the rows of spring vegetables, meet the Stoney Creek menagerie, and meet your farmers!

Part of our Cool Beans philosophy is that we’re sharing our often-crazy world with you, so……..bring any planters, hanging baskets, etc that you’d like to fill with plants.  I’ve just found a great opportunity and purchased several thousand petunias, verbena and angelonia plants, and Beans may have plants at no charge.  I’ll even supply some great compost to pot them in.  I’ll have photos of the various varieties so you can see what they’ll look like when they grow up.  There are other kinds of flowering plants that would be available to Cool Beans members at my ‘family price’ of one dollar for a 4″ pot, with the condition that you returns the pots.  the same plants will sell for $1.50 a pot at the Mechanicsburg Earth Day festival this Saturday, where Stoney Creek Iris Farm will have a booth (right next to Brushwood Farms – Diane’s a Cool Bean member too, and she makes amazing goat’s milk soaps. Come visit us there!)

If I were on the receiving end of this invitation, I’d be wondering just what ‘free plants’ means  and worrying that I might take too many, so let me create a sort of a zone for you to work within…….if you’re a full share family, sixty plants.  Half share 30.  Quarter share 15.  I think it’s eight varieties of petunias, two of verbena and two angel0nia that will be included in the free-choice stuff.  You can make some great planters and baskets from that.  It’s good to be a Bean!

Mark the date and look for an email with the address, etc.  (We’ll do one at Judi’s later.)  If Sunday won’t work for you but you’d like some plants, email me and we’ll work something out for you.


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