No more quarter shares are available, and we’re near the halfway-sold out point for half and full shares.  There are a number of people who have told us they plan to sign up – at this point, more people than we’ll be able to accommodate.  So if you’ve been waiting to send in your registration, please don’t delay!  We need a third of the payment upfront and you’d need to make the additional payments by early May.   (Most people have just paid in full when they sign up, and that’s certainly okay too!)

Neither one of us believes in or is comfortable with a hard sell.  We know we’ll sell all our shares.  But I’d written, a few months ago, that we’d post this warning when we reached the halfway point, so that procrastinators know it’s time to get moving.

If you’re looking at the site for the first time, there’s more information available about the nuts and bolts of our CSA – just click the link to the contract above.

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