If you’re a Friday Bean who picks up in Camp Hill or at Yeehaw Farm, your fingerling potatoes were not in the box.  The good news is that they’ll be just as good next week – if I had to mess up, I’m sure glad it was the potatoes and not something perishable.  In fact, those fingerlings would be good next April!

We’ve started packing the Friday boxes at Judi’s, because that evens out the driving for the two of us.    But shifting gears to a different location meant making a big list of what had to be moved from Stoney Creek to Yeehaw this morning, and the potatoes were missed.  My apologies, and you’ll have them next week!

One Response to “Potatoes 1. Katie 0.”

  1. Tricia says:

    YaY! I’m glad to hear we will get those yummy little critters this week. I was sad when I couldn’t find mine! Thanks!!

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