The really frilly green stuff is endive – it’s slightly bitter (on purpose!) and you might want to hold onto it until I can post a few special recipes for it.  You have Chinese cabbage (rubber-banded and trimmed), a very sweet onion or two, depending on your share size, some incredibly sweet carrots, blueberries, two lettuces, and some of the La Ratte fingerling potatoes, which just flew off the table at market yesterday.  Zucchini (green, yellow or pattypan, they’re just starting to come in) and parsley.  No dill – we had a monster storm in Stoney Valley at 1 pm Thurs and things are flattened; I could not get any dill for this week.  And you’ve got a little surprise in the paper bag, which should be refrigerated (note with explanation included) because hey, being green and sustainable and healthy needn’t be grim.  More details on the endive later; the storm put us behind schedule.

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