This is an odd week for Cool Beans.  We’ll refer to it as the ‘smorgasbord’ week.  For various reasons, evenly split between reflecting incompetence on our part and the hideous weather,  we were only able to harvest bits and pieces of any one thing.  If you know another Bean, odds are your basket isn’t quite the same as their this week.    This isn’t Plan A, but it’s going to happen from time to time.  We did our best to make things even.

Your herbs, which were consistent for everyone, include Thai basil (the one with purple flowers, which I left on to help you identify it), lemon basil (green) and red Rubin basil, which is really purple, and which is similar to regular basil.  Also mint and curly parsley.  If you’re getting overloaded with parsley, just throw it in a plastic bag and freeze it for later.

If you got purple beans, they’re just normal green beans except…purple.  They’ll turn green when cooked.  It’s an easy way, actually, to tell when they’re done perfectly!  You might have a yellow summer squash or a small green zucchini.  By the way, if you want a big zucchini, perhaps for zucchini bread or Mock Crab Cakes  (Nicola reminded me about those this afternoon) just shoot me an email and I’ll make sure you get one when they’re available.  We know it’s the time of year when neighbors begin making stealth zucchini drops in the dark hours of the night, and enthusiasm begins to wane.  I’m not advocating wasting food, but just so you know…….a carved-out zucchini half, fitted with ‘sails’ made from bamboo skewers and hosta leaves, can sail from the dock in Dauphin all the way to Fort Hunter, and may have in fact made it to the Chesapeake for all we know.  And if you happen to be entertaining an eight year old nephew, you can carve some great cannon from carrots to outfit your zucchini warship.

Your basket might also include potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, tomatillos (I’ll post a soup recipe later this evening, and you can find great salsa verde recipes on line; I’ll let you find you own, as the hotness of them varies so much).  You might have carrots, chard, or cucumbers.  Really, there could be just about anything in there this week!

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