Here’s a link to the recipe Judi uses for stuffed zucchini.

Stuffed Zucchini Recipe from

If you’d prefer a vegetarian version, make a filling with cooked rice and sauteed veg – top with cheese if you wish – and proceed as above.  You want to be careful slicing the uncooked zucchini, and you want the filling to be a bit moist, so it will stay together when you cut the baked zucchini into individual servings.  It will reheat well.

Use your imagination with this; the zucchini is just a vehicle for your favorite ‘insides’.  We’re on a curry kick here, so curried rice with cashews and onions and a little drizzle of coconut milk has been a favorite.  Other grains, like millet or quinoa, are good bases.  Pasta, not so much.  Chili works.  Chicken or a firm fish can be worked into a grain based filling.  Think of it as a good use for leftovers!

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