It’s sweet corn week!  It’s a heavy basket this week, because you have fresh corn, Yukon Gold potatoes, carrots, and two kinds of cucumbers.  Poona Kheera is an Indian cucumber, yellow-brown and very sweet.  General Lee is a standard slicer.   You have the third kind of onion we’re growing this year (we’ve been thinning the rows).   There’s flat leaf parsley, basil, and sage.  The bulb of garlic is very, very mild – it’s elephant garlic.

If you only know sage as something that gets included in the stuffing at Thanksgiving, here’s a real treat:  heat olive oil to medium hot (a drop of water flicked into it will splatter a bit but not spit violently) and fry the sage leaves, just seconds per side, until they’re just slightly brown.  (They’ll become very bright green first, and if you wait just a second or two before  removing them them, they’ll be just about perfect.  Drain on paper towels, blot very gently (they’re brittle) and then crumble the cooled sage leaves into pasta with olive oil and parmesan, or on top of any cooked vegetable.

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