The apples in your basket this week are Ginger Golds – a good eating apple.  At first glance you might think they’re Granny Smiths, but these are much sweeter and not quite as firm.

It’s looking like the year of the pepper for Cool Beans.  You can easily marinate peppers in oil and vinegar – different oils and vinegars will give you different results, I’m partial to olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Add whatever seems like a good idea – garlic (or the garlic chives!), oregano, salt and pepper, basil.  Then the fun starts:  add tomatoes, cooked beans, cubed cheese, leftover green beans  – maybe not ALL of those things – but pretty much any vegetable will do.  Marinate for 24 hours in the fridge, and refrigerate leftovers.   Toasted bread cubes are a good addition when you serve it.

You’ll find many recipes for marinated vegetables on line.

You received a little taste of garlic chives this week.  Garlic chives are perennial, and we will have more next year, there’s just a bit for everyone this first year.

Mark your calendars – the party’s on!  Saturday October 30, midday, at Judi’s.  More details to follow!  Those of you who are interested in learning more about Judi and Tom’s meat CSA can talk to them about it then – word is already getting out, and I think the membership will fill quickly.  My son Mike will be on hand to discuss beer-making – we never managed to schedule a workshop, but Mike’s happy to share his expertise (and product!), and perhaps get a better idea of what ought to be included in the workshop that we are, surely, going to schedule next year.

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