How is this possible?  While individual days – particularly the 95 degree humid ones, or the cold and rainy ones – might have lasted twice as long as any respectable day should, the whole season seems to have gone by quickly.

We’re packing in paper bags this week, so hopefully no one will have a rogue crate to return.

Looks like it’s a Bean theme for our last week, fittingly – you have bean sprouts and vegetarian bean soup.  We grew some of the kinds of beans in each one, but not all.  That’s an area we might develop more next year.

The UPS man approves of the bean soup, by the way.  There was certainly enough to spare a hot cup for a cold delivery guy!

You have a really awesome radish in your bag this week, sporting its own special label so you’ll know what it is.  You don’t often, even if you like them, use the word ‘awesome’ in conjunction with ‘radish’, but these deserve the accolade.  Watermelon radishes are beautiful things.  Slice them thinly crosswise and look at the beautiful colors inside.  They’re lovely in salads, but consider a thin slice a tiny plate on which you might put sliced cheese, or pesto, or proscuitto, or a little ricotta and diced peppers.  There’s some regular radishes too, and a few other goodies.

I’d planned to include next year’s brochure in this week’s delivery, but it’s rainy and miserable, and I envision soggy papers in the bottom on your basket.  We’ll mail those out right after Thanksgiving.  There is a single sheet included in today’s bag with a few of the main details, because I’ve had some emails asking questions about next year.

We’ve done an extensive post-mortem on the first season, and will be using the lessons, both good and bad, we learned this year to make next year’s Cool Beans CSA even better.  Seed orders will go out in mid-December, and the first seedlings will be started in my basement ‘winter greenhouse’ in mid January.  That’s only a few weeks away – how is this possible?

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