Yes, we still have some Cool Beans shares available.  If possible we’ll post a note when it gets down to the wire, but memberships tend to arrive in clumps, so no guarantees!

All pickups are on Tuesdays for 2011.  For locations, please click on the links at the top of the page, which have more information.

Things are already underway for Cool Beans 2011.  We’ve been attending conferences and seminars, building hoophouses, ordering and sorting seeds, repairing equipment, and designing garden beds.  Tens of thousands of baby onions are growing under lights in Katie’s basement, and the first round of cole crops – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collard, kale, Asian greens – were just seeded over the weekend and will be popping up soon.  Next weekend, it’s time to start all the eggplants, and when they ‘hatch’, the onions will move to the outdoor greenhouse to make room.  About a week after that, we should be ready to put the first seeds into soil!

We’ve purchased jute bags for this year’s shares, and will be retiring the mismatched assortment of milk crates.  Easier for you, and easier to pack in the truck.  We also found some reusable net bags that we’ll be using for greens, to cut down on plastic use.

After two months of (relative) down time, we’re ready to get back to work!  Later this week, we’ll be sending out confirmation letters to everyone who’s already enrolled as a Cool Bean for this season.  We’re happy to see so many returning members, and looking forward to meeting our new Beans!

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