There’s other stuff in your bag this week, but really, who’s going to notice anything but the beautiful strawberries?

Judi has just planted nearly a thousand strawberry plants, but we won’t see the results of that until next year.  So we’ve arranged to barter for strawberries for you from another vendor at our Carlisle market, Farmers on the Square.  We trust Steven and Barbie Esh and their nine little girls – their baby boy is too young to be working in the field – to have raised the fruit organically, and handled it carefully.  They’re wonderful people, and we feel honored to be their friends.

From time to time we barter with other farmers when we think it’s on your best interest.  Sometimes we do a better job at raising one item than someone else, but they have something that fills a gap for us.  And this way we can avoid the eight consecutive weeks of chard that we had last year!

The Eshes are one of several Amish families who are vendors at the Carlisle market, which is on Wednesdays from 3-7 pm on the square.  We hope you’ll make the trip down some time to visit us there.  You can buy exquisite cheeses from two dairies, milk, homemade rootbeer, kombucha tea, edible flower, pastured beef, goat, pork, and chicken; order a Thanksgiving turkey; sample and purchase locally made hot (and mild) sauces, buy bread, fruit, vegetables, and gorgeous cut flowers.  There’s also pies, fudge, and all sorts of other goodies.

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