Yes, it’s week four, and there’s good stuff in your bag.  But the big news is that Judi’s decided to make ice cream on Saturday at Yeehaw Farm, and you’re invited!  3-5 pm, Google 51 Rohrer Drive but disregard the last part of the directions – once you’re on that road, just look for the farm sign.  If you don’t use Google, email me at and I’ll help you out.

She’ll be making ice cream from cow, sheep, and goat milk, so you can sample all three if you wish!

There won’t be full farm tours because the animals are all out on pasture at this time of the year, but you’d be able to see the two main fields we use for the CSA.  You might get an extra scoop of ice cream if you pull a few weeds…….

Your bag has lettuce, onions, pesto turnovers, lip balm, lemon mint (I know it as lemon balm, and Judi calls it lemon mint), and another herb.   If you have a full share, you also have arugula.  We’ll try to get the half shares some next week.

Peas were close, but not quite close enough for this week, and we’re looking forward to new potatoes very soon.  Just in time, as the lettuce will slow down during the hottest part of the summer (but will return in the fall.)

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