At Judi’s pickup / delivery spots (Camp Hill and Yeehaw Farm) you’ll get regular basil today, and at Katie’s (New Cumberland, Stoney Creek Farm, and 81&Progress) you’ll have anise basil, which can be used much the same way, it just has a little extra licorice-y taste to it.  It’s especially good with fruit, and just in time, because your bag this week has some beautiful peaches!  We’ve found a gentleman in Klingerstown who’s growing some lovely organic fruit but who does not have all of his marketing plans worked out, so we’ve made arrangements with him for some fruit during the rest of the year, and we hope to work with him next year as well.

You have some picture-perfect peppers and some not-so-perfect, but still yummy, tomatoes.  This crazy rain makes the tomatoes crack easily; we’re picking them a bit ahead of dead ripe to try to avoid this, but it’s hard to prevent.  You’ve got some homegrown celery, which you’ll find has a much stronger celery taste than the store kind.  and you’ve got an onion or two – might be a good week for peach salsa!

There is NO DELIVERY NEXT WEEK (AUGUST 23).  Judi’s children will be exhibiting animals at the Perry County Fair, and since we are between interns we couldn’t work out the logistics for packing and delivery.  We’ll resume regular deliveries the following week, August 30.

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