At some point during this incredible afternoon – maybe it was hanging out on the deck (at Katie’s) enjoying dinner with some of the Cool Beans,

or watching everyone play with the new kittens on the back deck,


or, maybe it was while helping

everyone choose tomato plants, or finding volunteer Kousa dogwoods to dig out during our Plant Plundering,

or maybe it was planting six huge rows of beans

or relaxing on Judi’s patio afterward, drinking wine and having dessert……….somewhere along the way it occurred to me that I was working, because this is my actual job.  And I thought, how cool is that.

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped today – and if you couldn’t make it today, we’ll be weeding those beans and harvesting them this summer for the Food Bank, so you’ll have a chance to help later!  You guys are great!

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