Running, literally……as soon as I finish this I’m sprinting to the truck and heading out to 81 and Progress for the first delivery.  Judi and Intern Laura just left with the bags for Yeehaw Farm and Camp Hill.  I sure hope the thunderstorms hold off until my hour at 81 & Progress is over!

We’re happy with our first week bags.  Allow us a moment for personal horn tootage here:  there’s a lot of CSAs that don’t start until later this month, or even June.  There are several possible spins on this, of course.  They may simply be smarter than we are. We certainly aren’t better farmers (they’re all our friends).  Maybe we just like the adrenaline rush.

We’re sending you three beautiful lettuces.  Now, here’s the deal with the greens you’ll get from us this summer:  they will not be perfectly clean.  To do that, we’d need a second intern.  They’ve been swished in ice water, sprinkled with the hose, drained, and chilled.  They’ll keep well. But you will need to rinse them off before you use them.

You have some first cuttings of parsley, just enough for a little garnish on your salad this week.  You have one of Judi’s awesome whole wheat pretzels.  You should have had apple jelly, but that’s a story I’ll save for later.  Maybe after the disaster in the kitchen’s been cleaned up, and it starts to be funny.  It isn’t, yet.

You have nice radishes, and some green onions.  There will be more volume and weight in your bags each week until we hit our peak, but we’re pleased with this first bag.

Check the newsletter for reminders about this week’s Bean Planting Party!  We hope you can join us for an informal potluck and a work session planting a field for the Food Bank.

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  1. Puja says:

    The pretzel is SOOOOOOO good 🙂

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