Unbelievably, this is the fifth winter CSA bag, so we’re halfway through. It’s not greens-heavy this week – the lettuces need a little time to regrow. You have collards and spinach, two gorgeous Cameo apples from Ben at Three Spring Fruit Farm, exquisite baby carrots, biscotti, and popcorn. The newsletter has details about the biscotti – Cool Bean Sue is thinking of selling her homemade biscotti as a business, and she’s looking for some feedback.

We still have room in the regular season CSA – you’ll find details if you click on the links at the top of the page. If you’ve already sent in a check, you’ll get confirmation soon. The PA Garden Expo is this weekend and I”m prepping about 1300 potted iris (in my alter ego as Stoney Creek Iris) for the event, and I can’t get caught up on paperwork or anything else until that’s over!

I’m so happy about these baby carrots. They were seeded on October 15 in the hoophouse. Had I known how well they’d do, I’d have planted several times this many. Now I know for next year! My grandddaughter Calliope, who is three, pulled out about a dozen on her last visit, wiped them off on the seat of her pants, and ate them so fast I barely had time to suggest that she save the green part for the rabbits. According to Calliope, “Nanno did a good job making these carrots.” So you know they’ve been tested for quality.

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