It might still be winter on the calendar, but it’s spring in your farmer’s heart.  Time to get this show on the road!

There are multiple steps involved in updating the website each season, and I’m fitting them in between outdoor chores today.  If you read this before the links at the top of the page are changed from 2013 to 2014, you’ve caught me in mid-process.  If you’re concerned about reserving a spot in the Cool Beans CSA for the 2014 season, an email or a message sent through this site will get your name on the list.

I have two choices here;  I can write in detail and answer all the questions I anticipate, or I can just crank out the dates and numbers.  I suspect the latter approach is the most efficient, but it goes against my nature to not use lots of words… here’s the compromise.  This post has the nitty-gritty details.  If you have questions or want further explanations, I’ll write a few more posts today, each focusing on one part of the CSA process.  If I miss something of importance to you, email or send a message through this site and I’ll take care of it as soon as I can.

Simply contacting me will get your name on the list, but I will need the information that’s requested on the contract and your payment to actually confirm your spot.  You’ll want to print out that contract by following the link at the top of the page, but please hold on until you see that it’s been updated for 2014.

Cool Beans Main Season 2014

Dates:  Every Tuesday from May 20 until October 28 inclusive.

Cost:  Full share $500, Small share $300.  Optional egg share:  $86 for one dozen each week, $50 for a half dozen.

Delivery locations and times:

Stoney Creek Valley Farm in Dauphin:  after 3 pm.

Penbrook, about two blocks from the Wendy’s on Progress Ave, after 3:30 pm.

Camp Hill, across from the Fredericksen Library in 19th St, after 4:00 pm

Mechanicsburg, Locust St close to downtown, after 4:30 pm.

New Cumberland, 2nd St, after 7 pm, or at the Town Band rehearsal; band members should choose an alternate location for those when we do not rehearse.

Payment due dates:  Sorry……I need to use a lot of words for this one:  I am pulling together financing for a huge on-farm project, and if it’s possible to pay your share in full as soon as you sign up, I would be very, very, very grateful.  But, I also know that’s a lot to ask.  If you can’t do that, a $50 deposit will hold your spot, and I will ask that you pay at least half of the remainder by the end of February, and the balance by the end of April.  (Most years, that’s been our practice, and I will of course honor that for all of you for this year as well.  But if you can manage it earlier, it would be helpful for this year.)


4 Responses to “2014 Regular Season Signup Information – Whee!”

  1. Sally says:

    Hi Katie,

    Are there still small shares available for 2014?


  2. katie says:

    Absolutely! I’ll make it clear on the website when we’re sold out. Expanding by a few shares this year, so there’s still plenty of room.

  3. Carrie says:

    I want to join but was wondering if you have a biweekly delivery? Its just me & my son and he isn’t really a big veg eater. I love them! I dont want to waste. I thought this would be a great way to introduce him to more fresh vegetables.

  4. katie says:

    Hi Carrie – I’d recommend a small share for just two people. We do not have a biweekly option. I don’t think you’d be overwhelmed with a small share.

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