It’s time to sign up for the Cool Beans Winter CSA! Here’s what you need to know:

$250 for the season, which will be eight bags, delivered every two weeks, starting Tuesday Nov. 15. Discount price of $225 if you pick up at the farm in Dauphin.

You’ll choose a pickup spot: Harrisburg (Penbrook area), Camp Hill (location to be determined), New Cumberland, Middletown or Mechanicsburg (all in the downtown areas). Deliveries are made in mid to late afternoon on Tuesdays.

You’ll send me an email with your location choice to reserve your spot, and I’ll send you the info about where to send a check.

What’s going to be in the bags? Let me be honest here: this will be the fourth winter CSA. each of the last four winters has been a completely different experience in terms of weather. It’s not just the cold temps that are a factor – cloudy days can really slow things down. On the plus side, my skill set has improved each year, and I’ve learned more about creating microclimates in the hoophouse, and which varieties do the best. I am planning on many kinds of greens, winter roots, herbs, value-added items (like local cheese or wheat flour). in addition, Winter Beans are welcome to come to the farm to gather pine greens, holly and winterberry for holiday decorations.

I usually write up way too much at sign-up time……..I’ll keep this brief, but please feel free to send an email to me at if you have any questions. Spots are very limited and based on past years will sell out quickly, so, act now. (If you need to break the payment up into bits, just let me know what the plan is; I can work around it if you can get it all done by the end of November.)

this picture of Baby Bean Thea contemplating broccoli and cauliflower from a recent regular season bag has nothing to do with the winter CSA, really, but………yes, it does. ┬áThis is why I do what I do!






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