Whew, got it done!  The info for this year’s CSA is on the top of this page.   Want to join?  Print out the contract ^^^ , fill out a check and send it in!  Bonus bag(s) for early signups.

Have questions?  Start by reading the “about the Cool Beans CSA” link, also at the very top of this page.  Scroll down through and read a few posts – if you’re really new to this, be sure to read the one titled “Reasons Not to Join a CSA”.  Still have questions?  Email me at katie@komta.com.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Another option is to visit the Cool Beans CSA Facebook page.  It’s also possible to leave messages here on this site, but honestly, it’s slower for me to get to the messages here.  Email and Facebook are quicker.

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