Hey friends. Winter CSA sign-ups are underway. Here’s the essential info:

$240 (that’s less than last year!). Eight bags. Delivery options are limited this year to Harrisburg (Penbrook area) or my farm on Tuesday, or the Broad St. Market or my farm on Friday. I can also send bags in to CMS with Greg.

Specific delivery dates are going to stay vague for now. Here’s why – the last five winters have been totally different from each other. Some years there’s great greens early in the winter and then it gets sparse, other years it’s the opposite. Honestly, I’d rather send you a bag when I have perfect produce, instead of trying to stick to a schedule that may or may not make sense due to weather.

Since the dates will be flexible, there will be emails with reminders, several days in advance of each pickup.

So here’s what I know: you’ll get one bag on the Tues or Fri before Thanksgiving. I’m hoping for roughly every two weeks after that. But if there’s a weeklong blizzard, then, no. Let’s just see if we can roll with this and see how it works.

Winter CSA will also, then, be more flexible from your end as well. I’m limiting the number of winter shares available, so, frankly, you can switch around from one delivery to the next if you want. The winter produce usually keeps much longer than the regular season, so if you choose on-farm pickup, you can delay by a day or two without any problems.

When I send out the delivery reminders, you will also have some options to add if you choose to do so. You might be able to switch some items, or add baked goods or homemade soups at an extra cost. If there are eggs, they’ll be available as an extra. I really want to experiment with this add-on idea during the winter season, so I can see if it’s at all feasible for the regular season.

I usually do a signup contract but honestly, winter CSA is nearly always made up of regular season members anyway and I already know all of you, so let’s keep it simple. I need a check for $240. I need to know you’re in. I need to have a working email that you check regularly. Other than that, we’re good. Send me an email if you want to be in the winter CSA, and I’ll get in touch with the particulars.

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