Time is flying in the vegetable patch!  You have a nice box this week with more new potatoes – we recommend tossing them with olive oil and kosher salt and roasting them in a hot oven with a little garlic, but they’ll also make a great potato salad.  Or you can cook the mini-cabbage in this week’s delivery in butter and add cooked potatoes to it before serving.

Three kinds of lettuce, a nice crunchy green romaine, more of the Bronze Arrowhead that you had a few weeks ago, and some gorgeous Mascara lettuce – that’s the red frilly one.

We included a garlic scapes with your parsley this week.  They’re the tops of the garlic plant, and since we have several different varieties growing here, some are flowering and some are not.  Use them as you would garlic,  every last bit – just mince and saute gently to release all the flavor.  They tend to be more intense than garlic cloves, so use them sparingly until you’re used to them!

Red beets – boil or roast until the skins slip off.

Rainbow Chard – when you’re done admiring the colors, try this tip from our friend Sandy at Painted Hand Farm:  chop the chard, leaves and stems both, mince 3 cloves of garlic, sweat the garlic in 2 Tbsp olive oil, add chard and cook until soft, 5-8 minutes, add salt and pepper to taste.  Sandy raises meat goats and humanely raised veal and sells the meat at the Farmers on the Square market on Wednesdays, plus several markets in the D.C. area; you can visit her site at http://paintedhandfarm.blogspot.com/  She’s a wonderful advocate for local food, and a great friend and mentor for us.

If you’re a Thursday Bean, you’re getting snap peas and a freshly baked whole wheat soft pretzel in your box this week.  Judi sells a hundred or more of these pretzels at our market every week.

Cool Bean Diane Wiest, our asparagus grower, grows shiitake mushrooms and you have a small sample in your box.  We thought it might be something interesting for you to try – we can’t supply these in quantity, but you might be interested in learning more from Diane about growing them in your own back yard – she sells the inoculated logs, which will produce for a few seasons.

2 Responses to “Week five already?”

  1. Robert Jenks says:

    Is it still too too late yo get a share? Or maybe for next year. Or where can I get some of your stuff?

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  2. katie says:

    Hi, Robert, and thanks for your question. We could fit you in with a full or half share now and adjust the cost to reflect the number of weeks left in the season. There are no egg shares available anymore, though. If you wanted a full share, the cost for the rest of the season would be $200 (it would begin next week, the first week in September) and a half share would be $115. We have ten weeks left in the season. You can email me directly at katie@komta.com to let me know if you’d like to do this, and which day / pickup place would work best for you (Thursday at 81 and Progress 4:00-5:30 or in Millerstown 4:00-5:00, or Friday in Camp Hill from 3-6, or at either of the farms – Duncannon or Dauphin – after 3:00).

    If you’d prefer to wait until next year, we plan to begin taking memberships in late December – there have been some requests that we set up to make it possible for people to buy memberships as Christmas presents. Bookmark the site and check back then!


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